Art of the steal, art that helps us deal.

2016 ended with a catastrophe, I thought we knew how the election would turn-out. I was terribly wrong. A sense of shock and fear came over me. I fell into a depression, I felt like someone had died on election night. I developed an addiction to news, it was a strange, confusing time. I had no idea what to do, how I could make a difference. It took about a month to come out of the fog of loss. I knew that I needed to dig much, much deeper and find ways to make an impact. I relied on my greatest heroes words to cope, MLK and Cornel West. I remain absolutely disgusted with the way that Trump used hate and fear to gain power, how he demonized our fellow man and exploited folk’s sincerely held beliefs. What do we do in the face of such disdain and hatred? 

    Hate and violence only create more of the same. I decided I needed to deepen my understanding of love. Not a sanitized, hallmark type of love, but the nitty gritty source of love. Some of my most profound experiences have been my interactions with beauty. I believe we have all had the experience of seeing something beautiful and having a sense that something is pushing against our chest and compelling us to stop and consider it’s source. I want to use art is to expand our understanding and connect with each other. I’m not interested in making beautiful art. I am interested in creating understanding across socioeconomic, religious, ethnic, sexual and religious divides. Trump may have mastered the art of the steal, but I am interested in creating art that helps us deal.