Johnathon DeSoto is best known for creating geometrically based art panels and mixed media pieces that are concerned with the political dynamics of the current day. He uses reclaimed wood, photography, painting and common construction and household materials. Stylistically, his work is constantly playing with the balance of “traditionally” feminine and masculine themes in an attempt to consider what it is to be a whole, thriving, contemplative being and society in an interconnected and intentional way. He is an artist born and raised in Humboldt county and received and ASN from college of the redwoods. He has no formal art training or education, but takes pride in the being part of a tradition of organic/folk art and maintaining a connection to the common person.


Fairs/Special Events 2017

Renegade, Seattle, WA

Crafty Wonderland, Portland, OR

Renegade, San Fransisco, CA

Pottery Barn Popup, Stanford, CA

Urban Craft Uprising, Seattle, WA

Pottery Barn Popup, Corta Madera, CA 

Fairs/Special Events 2016

West Elm Popup, Emeryville, CA

Crafty Wonderland, Portland OR

Urban Craft Uprising, Seattle, WA

Renegade Craft Fair, San Fransisco, CA

Jackalope, Pasadena, CA

Fig Twig Market, Ferndale, CA

West Elm Pop up, Emeryville, CA

Renegade Craft Fair, San Fransisco, CA

Stay Wild, Portland, OR 




2017 - Active Memory, (Two Person Show), Synapsis Eureka, CA

2017 - Grab Art by the Pussy, (Group), Eagle House Eureka, CA

2017 - Sanctuary, Curator and Group show participant, Synapsis Eureka

2017 - Remote Wilderness, (Group) Black Faun Gallery, Eureka, CA

2017 - Feminism & Anti-capitalism, (Group) Synapsis, Eureka, CA  

 2017 - Art of the Steal, Art that Helps Us Deal, (Solo)  Plaza, Arcata, CA


2016 - Be a Pussy "Whole Self" at Studio 424, Eureka, CA


2016 - The Connections at Shipwreck, Eureka, CA 


2016 - Vocabularies of Chaos and Creation at Garden Gate, Arcata, CA


2015 - That way… This way at Shipwreck, Eureka, CA


2015 - Foundation Triangles at Ramone’s, Eureka, CA 


2015 - Inside / Outside at Jitter Bean, Eureka, CA


2015 - New Americana at Studio 424, Eureka, CA


2015 - Center Scheme at Humboldt Bay Coffee Co, Eureka, CA


2014 - In Picture at Princess St Gallery, Harbor Island, BS


2014 - Mirror Mirror at Jitter Bean, Eureka, CA 


2014 - It’s Just a Little Bit at Shipwreck, Eureka, CA


2013 - Log lines at Shipwreck, Eureka, CA 


2013 - Washed up at Jitter Bean, Eureka, CA 


2012 - Beach Scenes at Jitter Bean, Eureka, CA 


2012 - Little Bits at Shipwreck, Eureka, CA 


2011 - Differing Directions at Old Town Coffee and Chocolates, Eureka, CA 


2011 - Barn Doors at Jitter Bean, Eureka, CA 


2011 - Put Together at Shipwreck, Eureka, CA