On April 25th, the student lead effort to reinstate Renee Saucedo was a showing of what young, impassioned people can do when they stand up for what they believe in, invest their time and energy, and put their hearts on the line. Over 70 people showed up to the student press conference and rally. When everyone was marching up the stairs, the staff thought it was an earth quake. It wasn’t that, but a storm was coming.

      The student of CR presented Keith Snow-Flamer with their petition and a list of demands, which will be made public by Snow-Flamer and the students of CR. Those who spoke, asked questions and made statements were impassioned, eloquent and thoughtful. They made the case that this is about creating a more diverse and loving community and how the work of Renee Saucedo has been invaluable to those efforts.

      We need to make a stand for racial justice. Tensions are high nationally and locally. We have seen the institutions here in Humboldt fail our community members of color and other marginalized groups. Just this month we saw the tragic, racially motivated murder of Josiah Lawson. Last year someone was beaten up, the year before that bottles were thrown at another. Community leaders were aware of the events that were happening, but did nothing to stop the escalation.

      This is a moral failure, a failure by those in power to recognize the humanity of our marginalized people. We, as community members, must show up for those who experience acts of violence systematically committed against them and having their humanity stripped. We need to stand with our humans of color and marginalized peoples. Renee Saucedo has been a leader in these efforts locally. In her short time at CR she has made dramatic changes on campus. The youth whose lives she has touched feel genuinely empowered, supported and safer. The student lead effort to reinstate Renee, is evidence of the work that Renee has done. Her investment in the youth of CR, has the potential to revolutionize the way humans of color and marginalized people are treated in Humboldt and beyond.

      We need her back at her position at CR so that she can continue her work and so that the trust that has been broken between CR and the students can be restored. Support the work of Renee Saucedo and the young people of our community by visiting reinstaterenee.com, sign the petition, spread the word, stay up on the upcoming planned activities. There will be more. There is momentum and strength in the hearts of our young people. 

Follow along and support this student lead effort reinstaterenee.com

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